Mind Wars

I’ve had this concept of mind wars and propaganda on my mind for a long time. The shaping of public perception and the suppression of our ability to perceive from a more lucid view. Half of the time, I feel like mob mentality prevails over intellect, intuition, and foresight, specifically because of the mob. It amazes me how a website like BoredPanda can generate more interest to the general public than something like NASA. I also wonder at times how many sights out there, like BoredPanda, are nothing more than COINTELPRO. Entertainment sites teeming with attention grabbers and riddled with a few intelligently inclined articles so they don’t look completely ridiculous. Theres no question that there is political agendas hiding in there as well, wooing the masses with drama over accuracy. All the while, somewhere in Idaho, some engineer sneaks out, risks his life, and starts screaming about plasma engines, time travel, and that gasoline powered devices are a completely unnecessary commodity compared to whats really energetically possible. At the end of the day, marketing battles and accords happen at every level of our society on an daily basis. Some more serious than others. Overall, I think that the concept of mind wars is something that should be thought about.  I’ll put it this way: There’s a reason why I chose an image where she is wearing a gas mask, one hand beckoning up. The other beckoning down…
Verrryyy mysterious!

‘Mind Wars.’

Lyrical Moods

Whenever I remix a track, the lyrics are HUGE for me. If I’m not feeling the lyrics and they have no meaning to me, then the purpose is lost. Thus far, Ive always scrapped the original music and just used the vocal elements when I’ve remixed a song. ‘Renaissance’ by Steve James and Clarity was bleeding with amazing lyric-dome. The acapella was well recorded and the words were hitting home for me:

“You left me in the worst way
Heart torn, leaving blood stains
All over the tablecloth
And I could never scrub them out
But I won’t let you haunt me
All the scars on my body
They won’t keep me far from love
And you won’t see me fall apart

​Cause I turned so cold
And I thought I’d never make it
I could feel my pulses fading

Shed a tear for the love we’ve lost
Gotta look for a brand new start…”

I could feel/relate to that pain and knew that my own music production could blend well with those emotions. It was one of the easiest songs I’ve ever remixed ’cause I just developed this flow. The exorcism of music pulled on me so hard, I had to pause everything in life and I couldn’t stop until the song was complete.


Freeside is a song about being homesick and feeling an intense longing for a place that I can barely remember…

I’m still not completely satisfied with my vocals. Quite honestly, singing and recording vocals has been on of the trickiest skills to learn as a music producer. Having the capability to create my own vocals is one of the things that really sets me apart from the thousands of hobbyist bedroom producers out there. I realized early on that that I wasn’t going to be able to push further with my music career until I mastered this stage of songwriting. Vocals tell the story. I now have the same equipment used to record thousands of hit songs, and film scores, sitting on my desk. Can’t make a car without a car factory. Feel me?