Lyrical Moods

Whenever I remix a track, the lyrics are HUGE for me. If I’m not feeling the lyrics and they have no meaning to me, then the purpose is lost. Thus far, Ive always scrapped the original music and just used the vocal elements when I’ve remixed a song. ‘Renaissance’ by Steve James and Clarity was bleeding with amazing lyric-dome. The acapella was well recorded and the words were hitting home for me:

“You left me in the worst way
Heart torn, leaving blood stains
All over the tablecloth
And I could never scrub them out
But I won’t let you haunt me
All the scars on my body
They won’t keep me far from love
And you won’t see me fall apart

​Cause I turned so cold
And I thought I’d never make it
I could feel my pulses fading

Shed a tear for the love we’ve lost
Gotta look for a brand new start…”

I could feel/relate to that pain and knew that my own music production could blend well with those emotions. It was one of the easiest songs I’ve ever remixed ’cause I just developed this flow. The exorcism of music pulled on me so hard, I had to pause everything in life and I couldn’t stop until the song was complete.

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