Where can I listen to music by Frank Hyperion?

You can hear my music on all major streaming platforms. Apple music, Spotify, Tidal. Itunes, Youtube, Google Play, Soundcloud, Amazon, etc. I keep active links available at my website FrankHyperion.com

How can I find you on social media?

I’m @FrankHyperion on all social media platforms. I am most active on Instagram cause thats what I’m liking at the moment.

Why are you even doing this?

Movement of consciousness. Evolutionary reasons? Cause its what I’m good at? Because I cant stop thinking about it! Sometimes I just wanna rip my shell open and explore new worlds. That way I can come back and show everyone what it sounded like. Truth.

Are you an audio engineer? Can you master my tracks? Can you record my sister singing? 

Yes, yes, and yes.

I’m a film producer and I want some electronic music for my soundtrack, what are your rates?

$50 an hr or 5% of your project budget, depending on the project. I retain all copyrights for the music I create unless negotiated otherwise.

Can I license your songs for a marketing campaign of mine?

Sure thing! Or I can whip something up custom for you. Message me at HyperionFrankie@gmail.com