“Jack the sound barrier. Bring the noise.”



Effect of high entropy resonances on steel wheels.

Music. Its almost like an obsession. I can tell you why too, but I won’t. Stick around long enough though and I bet you’ll be able to see. Visionary style with a hard grounding in reality. Thats what its like really, the image attached to this post. Its lucid, its clear. Theres a lot out there in the dark. Sometimes the only thing that brings me comfort is the radio, and the mind-scape I get when I have high entropy sex with a meaningful girlfriend. Where am I even going? I think the better question to stop and ask myself is, when. When am I going to die? The fact is: I don’t know. It could be in ten minutes. It could be in 69 years. That is my reminder that life needs to be lived impeccably. There is no second chances. The other day I was talking with a friend and I said, “….Harder, better, faster, stronger. Smarter. Anything less is unacceptable.”

She interrupted me and said, ” You say that a lot. I mean I get it, but you really mean it don’t you?”

Yes. I mean it. My sense of conscience requires that I tell myself this often. Call it motivation. I used to always wonder what our collective conscious was and where it was taking us. Where it was taking me. What is its purpose? Now that I am a bit wiser, and have a clearer sense of pattern recognition, I understand that the resonances we create shape reality. For me, this is music (amongst other things.) This is the same reality that my children and grandchildren will live in. As I see many things through my mind, I realize that how we connect with each other, and our environment, matters. Internal and external. I am also very aware that all of our senses are not being acknowledged. Its like having a third eye but never using it because we weren’t taught how to. Its a fine piece of equipment and can save us from predators that lurk within its blinded vision. A keystone of sorts to our future, or lack of it, as a species. How do I express this and get you to feel something that I have had such a hard time describing? Frequencies. Music Hertz. Bass pulses. Poetry and words. Rhythm. I can’t force anyone to move in an evolutionary direction. But I can ask you to feel. Thats why its so important for my music to be here when your ready to listen. If I can help our evolution by being present and emitting the best frequency I know how, I can rest easy. If I can leave a legacy for my species to help build their own future, then I must.
My name is Frank Hyperion, and I make the music of spheres.

Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper.